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Top Picks of the month

Hi and welcome back to our blog! As usual, I’m back here today just to review some of our hot products from the month. These three items below have been best seller at our online store at MuaythaiArt for a few months now. And I think maybe you want to check them out what they are.

pi 1932

Classic Muay Thai Kick Boxing Shorts.

This Muay Thai Shorts is good idea boxing training and fighting. You can check this product out by clicking on its picture.

Our next hot item is this pair of Muay Thai boxing gloves from Twins Special. One good outstanding thing about Twins that I like is that they have so many products’ choices for our customers. They are just not lazy to create and design and put ideas into their products. And that’s why their products can still be launching in the market and make best-seller very often.
pi 2048

Twins Muay Thai Boxing Gloves.

Lastly, well not exactly the last because these are another pretty tough Muay Thai products to choose according to the numbers of styles and brands. However, Lumpinee, to tell you the truth still cannot beat Raja and Twins in the market but that doesn’t mean their goods are good. A lot of time I find Lumpinee shorts look better than the others. These Muay Thai shorts from Lumpinee look really great and I actually got some orders for this Muay Thai Shorts.

pi 2150

Shorts Muay Thai Lumpinee.

Alright, don’t forget to checkout this muay Thai Shorts. These are all good quality products that I would recommend to my friends and to you. Thanks for visiting my blog and store. See you next time.

The Best and Cheap Indoor Cardio Exercises!!!

The winter is coming again and you know how it is. The cold winter sometimes get you lazy and don’t want to move which is totally natural thing including our bodies will start to collect fat to keep us warm throughout the cold weather. Plus, it’s all about celebrations, and food and party. There’s no doubt why people gain weights faster than they think during this time of the year.

It is necessary not to let ourselves become weak. Your body doesn’t need long vacation. Keep working out and training it. Here below is how you can exercise inside your own place without any requirement of huge and expensive gym machines.

Skipping rope or jumping rope is the best way to go. You don’t need to get one of those weighted rope, since the purpose of jumping rope is to build muscular endurance, not muscle. It helps burn a lot of calories and at the same time improve your stamina, agility, coordination and balance. All of these, believe it or not, will get your body ready to hit the weights better, harder and longer.

Try skip pyramids which is the best way to burn fat. Keep doing it without timing. Start from 50 jumps, rest 30 seconds and continue with another pyramid by adding 25 jumps after every rest until you reach 200 then you can start reducing the jump down by decreasing 25 jumps after each rest until you’re back at 50.

Don’t worry if you step on the rope, just pick up where you left off. Enjoy your winter in a healthy way!

Muay Thai Boran’s Move: POONG HOK

Today our lesson has moved on to the next Muay Thai weapon “Elbow” or in Thai “Sok”. There are 24 of them and now we are starting with the first one called “POONG HOK”. We’re using the same way we taught you “Cherng Mud”, making the method as clear to you as possible so you can easily follow along.

POONG HOK is also known as Front Elbow. This move is used for either attacking or defensing. Here, the left elbow is thrown by the boxer to his opponent’s left ear. At the same time, he raises his left knee to strike the opponent’s rib. To maintain the balance, the boxer also has his right arm raised at almost the same level as the striking arm, and twists his body to the right to lend force to the knee blow.

The respond the attack of this move is to throw your left arm forward and pull down the right arm to protect the rib area from being kicked.

And watch out! As both arms of you are raised to both strike and maintain balance, your abdominal area is left vulnerable. The opponent will take this opportunity and advantage to deliver a blow to the abdominal area.

Last but not least, if you prefer to strike with your right elbow, just reverse the descriptions to the other side of the body. That’s all.

Let’s stretch!

It is crucial to know how to stretch properly before and after your intense workout or training. Especially when you do a hard workout like kickboxing, boxing, or Muay Thai, these physical contact sports need really good stretch to add more flexibility to your muscles that will get stress from the extreme exercise.

And I found this website that talks about how to stretch! The site already explains everything you need know in advance before you get started in case you’re new with all stretching thing. The explanations include pictures of body positions and the other parts of body positions, anything that are essential for stretching your body the right way.

Stretching will help prevent injuries and allow you to reach your maximum potential. If you wanna know more about why you need to stretch, go to the site and click on “Why Stretch?” . By the way, the address for this website is www.howtostretch.com.

Once you’re ready to stretch, click on “Stretches”, a link to pages of how to stretch your hands, your legs, your hips, groin, back, and torso. There is also “Advanced Stretch” for those of you who have difficulty with doing regular stretching.

The website is really helpful and useful, especially for us who train martial arts regularly. Pass it on to your friends what you learn from the site and how it help improve your body and training.

Muay Thai Boran’s Move: HANUMAN JONG TANON

HANUMAN JONG TANON or also known as “throws the back punch from above”. This move is mainly used for defense. The action is done by bending the joint of your right elbow up to a point where it is level with the ear. In the meantime, the left fist is at an oblique position to the front. As you sway to the left to build up power, you should then throw the right blow to your opponent’s face. This punch is thrown at a downward angle, with most of the body’s weight being supported by the left foot.

As the right punch is thrown, the left hand remains close to the face to defend against any counter-attacks delivered directly to your face.

When defense, the opponent should jump back, support his body with the right leg and deliver a left kick to your chest or midsection as soon as there is an opening found. If you use your left arm to throw the punch, then the right leg should be used to kick the opponent with.