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Best KOs Clip!

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Welcome to MuayThaiArt.com/weblog! If you’re already familiar with our blog, you know that once a week we bring you some nice VDO clip of boxing. Today is the day!

Kick Boxing or Muay Thai fans all love knockouts! Take a look at this clip, you’ll all say “Damn!” and won’t mind to watch it over and over again.

Killer Boxing Knockouts VDO from YouTube.com

That was the best knockout compilation I’ve ever come across! Fabulous! What made it perfect was the ending.

So which stone cold KO is your favorite? Mine is that guy got KO and he was still throwing punches on the floor. That was cool. And the other is when one guy KO and hang on the ropes then get beat to a pulp white like dead body. I still wonder how it feels like to get KO.

KO is the charm of boxing! We all know it’s one of the most brutal (but the best) martial arts. Those fighters put all their body weight behind their strikes. That’s the reason it’s f**king powerful. But don’t get it wrong that boxers are pussies. They fight for real and they use brains!

I hope you love this 3+ minutes of knockouts clip. Amazing! You can also share your hottest Knock Out clips with us right here. Don’t keep it with yourself.

Thank you for stopping by at our MuayThaiArt.com/weblog. You can visit and check out all our articles here everyday. See you next time!

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