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Muay Thai Boran’s Move: POONG HOK

Today our lesson has moved on to the next Muay Thai weapon “Elbow” or in Thai “Sok”. There are 24 of them and now we are starting with the first one called “POONG HOK”. We’re using the same way we taught you “Cherng Mud”, making the method as clear to you as possible so you can easily follow along.

POONG HOK is also known as Front Elbow. This move is used for either attacking or defensing. Here, the left elbow is thrown by the boxer to his opponent’s left ear. At the same time, he raises his left knee to strike the opponent’s rib. To maintain the balance, the boxer also has his right arm raised at almost the same level as the striking arm, and twists his body to the right to lend force to the knee blow.

The respond the attack of this move is to throw your left arm forward and pull down the right arm to protect the rib area from being kicked.

And watch out! As both arms of you are raised to both strike and maintain balance, your abdominal area is left vulnerable. The opponent will take this opportunity and advantage to deliver a blow to the abdominal area.

Last but not least, if you prefer to strike with your right elbow, just reverse the descriptions to the other side of the body. That’s all.

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